Al-Omar Center Company for General Trading & Contracting

Al-Omar Center Company for General Trading & Contracting

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Following an energetic start post the liberation of Kuwait in 1991, Al-Omar Center has rapidly developed to be one of the leading trading and contracting companies in Kuwait. Within the oil industry, Al-Omar Center has played a significant role in the rebuilding and restoration of the damaged refinery facilities and oil production units by being a strategic supplier partner of technology, process, equipments and manpower resources.
Today, Al-Omar center represents international companies which are leading in their respective fields as International EPC contractors for Refinery, Water Desalination Plants, Power Plants and Petro chemical Complex.
We, along with our Principals are poised to build the Kuwait’s latest 4th refinery at Mina Az-Zour and actively participate in KNPC’s clean fuel project by securing major portion of the contracts as well as supply key process equipments.
Al-Omar Center has the ability to penetrate the energy and marine sectors in a controlled and low risk manner through its team of professionals, that bring along with them local market knowledge as well as international expertise. In addition to this, the company has been able to meet the demands of customers through their strategic alliances with international partners and other network of organizations. The company is structured to provide the necessary portfolio of product and services to support the strategic objectives of interested parties.

Our Core Operations

We have the expertise to penetrate the energy and marine markets in an efficient manner with minimum risk. Our strength is the local industry knowledge, vast experience, and the support of our strategic alliances with international and experienced know-how firms.

We offer the necessary portfolio of products & services to promote and support the strategic objectives of interested parties in the petrochemical business.


We are commited to providing Green energy along with conventional energy producing plants together with other world renowned energy providers.

We along with our principals build complete water desalination plants with "MSF" "Reserve Osmosis" and "MED" Technologies.

We can offer the necessary vessels and technology torwards supply chain logistics in oil, gas and petrochemical section.

We offer consultative services, technical aid and implementation of projects in research, business development, information technology, international relations and global development.